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We try to unite fishermen, sportsmen and amateurs who live in the territory of our country and far beyond its borders. Our goal is to equip fishermen with the most needed theoretical and practical knowledge so that their fishing would be not only interesting, but also useful.

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how to store a fish during fishing and after it;
❾ most popular fly fishing lodges and resorts;
the best places for fishing in the whole world;

Why do millions of fishermen prefer fly fishing? Nowadays it is not only sporting kind of catching, but the real art of fishing. Basically this type of fishing was specialized in catching trout and salmon in running water. But nowadays fly fishing is used not only for catching in the flow, but also in still waters, in the daytime and at dusk, in mountain rivers and large lakes, as well as in the deep waters of the ocean. Of course a fly road course for such fishing should be a little bit changed, and it requires only a few skills. The main feature of fly fishing are baits, which are widely represented nowadays. You can't know all of them, but knowledge about basic lure types and how to use them will be useful for you.

Trophy Wahoo Fish

If you want to get great pleasure from fishing without harming nature, you can try very fashionable trophy fishing, which goal is to weigh the fish you've caught and to take a picture with it. Trophy fishing, as a rule, is not compatible with comfortable rest. In most places where big fish is found, the tourist infrastructure is not developed enough . But the North America offers a lot of such places, so you can choose the most suitable one - you can catch an alligator pike in Taxes, swordfish and a shark in Florida, white and blue marlin in Carolina, sturgeon in Michigan, trout in Montana, steelhead salmon in Oregon, redfish in Louisiana and this all is not counting the Alaskan trophies.

Fishing in 21st century is first of all a great kind of entertaining, leisure, recreation, tourism and sports. But you don't have to forget about tips for water etiquette, which have safety rules that are regulated by law. So please stay polite!

All information that is represented on this resource will help you truly enjoy fishing and will show you how to reel in a big catch!