Big Catch

5 Steps For How to Reel in a Big Catch

After your catch takes the bait - it will feel the hook. Hooks alarm fish to immediately attempt to free themselves. Their struggle against your hook may involve, swimming against your line, swimming in a frantic manner, and/or jumping. Different species of fish have different ways of reacting. Shallow water fish are more inclined to swim frantically and jump around. While deep water fish often find safety at the bottom and choose to swim against the line. Just make sure to hold your rod at a 45 degree angle and prepare yourself for impact. Keep in mind that the bigger the fish, the more of a challenge it will be to reel in. When your reel line starts to head into reverse you will know you are fighting a big fish. One key factor is to not reel while a big fish is swimming against your line! The next five steps will explain why.

Step #1

Relax! Let your rod drag and do the work for you. All you need to focus on is keeping the rod at a 45 degree angle to the body of water you are in. Aimed your pole straight at your catch and be ready to reel like crazy when the drag line finally stops buzzing around.

Step #2

As the fish slows down, stop allowing line off your reel. A great method to utilize when first learning to reel in big game, is the pump and real technique. (Discussed in next two steps)

Step #3

Before you are about to reel in your catch, lift up the tip of your rod to a 90 degree angle. A heavier, more powerful catch will most often place major strain and bend on your rod but do not fear, this is typical.

Step #4

Now reel in your catch as you lower your rod tip back down to a 45 degree angle. This keeps even pressure on your reel and catch.

Step #5

Repeat the process until you have successfully reeled in your catch.