Fish Size Library (Trout Length & Average Weight)

  • Jun 11, 2020

This fish size chart reflects the average weight of stream trout in freshwater for each given length in inches. It is meant as a guideline only.

These fish size averages relate to Brook, Brown & Rainbow trout found in freshwater in the US and Canada. 

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Generally speaking, for fish of the same length, a Brook Trout will be the heaviest, followed by the Brown, with Rainbow Trout averaging the lightest; but all are within a few ounces of one another.

World Freshwater Fishing Records | World Saltwater Fishing Records

Trout Fish Size Chart
Length in inchesAverage weight
8″5 oz
9″5.5 oz
10″6 oz
11″8 oz
12″10 oz
13″12 oz
14″1 lb
15″1.3 lbs
16″1.75 lbs
17″2 lbs
18″2.25 lbs
19″2. 75 lbs
20″3 lbs
21″3.5 lbs
22″4 lbs
23″4.75 lbs
24″5 lbs
25″6 lbs
26″6.5 lbs *
27″7+  lbs *
28″8+  lbs *
* Brook Trout are generally not found in lengths over 25″

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