Best Fly Fishing Books We Recommend

  • Jun 11, 2020

The following is a list of fly fishing books that we recommend. Our staff have read and used most of these books over the years; others are recommended by experienced fishermen who have deemed them suitable for beginning to intermediate fly fishermen.

Learn How to Fly Fish

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To take advantage of the discounted savings, just click on any of the cover images in the list below, and be directly linked to, where you will find full details on the title, description of the subject matter, and pricing.

Best Fly Fishing Books

Carp on the Fly; A Flyfishing GuideBarry Reynolds
Art Flick’s New Streamside Guide to Naturals and Their ImitationsArt Flick
L.L. Bean Fly Fishing for Bass HandbookDave Whitlock
L.L. Bean Fly-Fishing HandbookDave Whitlock
Nymph Fishing: New Angles, Tactics, and TechniquesGeorge Daniel
Nymphing: A Basic BookGary A Borger
The Orvis Fly Fishing GuideTom Rosenbauer
The Orvis Guide to Saltwater Fly FishingNick Curcione
Fly Fishing: Expert Advice from a Woman’s PerspectiveJoan Wulff
New Fly-Casting TechniquesJoan Wulff
The Complete Book of Fly FishingTom McNally
Billfish On A FlyJack Samson
Cathy Beck’s Fly-Fishing HandbookCathy Beck
First Cast: Teaching Kids To Fly FishPhil Genova
Fishing Small Streams with a Fly RodCharles R. Meck 
Fly Fishing BasicsDavid Hughes
Fly Fishing for BonefishDick Brown
Fly Fishing for Smallmouth BassHarry Murray
Fly Fishing for Trout; A Guide for Beginner’sRichard W. Talleur 
Fly Fishing in SaltwaterLefty Kreh
Fly Fishing in the Northwest Territories of CanadaChristopher C. Hanks
Flyfishing StrategyDoug Swisher, Carl Richards
Fly-Fishing with Children: A Guide for ParentsPhilip Brunquell, Tom Rosenbauer
Permit on a FlyJack Samson
Pike on the Fly: The Flyfishing Guide to Northerns, Tigers & MuskiesBarry Reynolds, John Berryman
Practical Saltwater Fly FishingMark Sosin
Prospecting for Trout: Flyfishing Secrets from a Streamside ObserverTom Rosenbauer
Reading the Water: A Fly Fisher’s Handbook for Finding Trout in All Types of WaterDave Hughes
Reading Trout Streams: An Orvis GuideTom Rosenbauer, James Sulham
Selective TroutDoug Swisher, Carl Richards
Steelhead Fly Fishing and FliesTrey Combs


Did we miss any of your favorite fly fishing books? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

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