Winter Fly Fishing Destinations

Fly Fishing For Tarpon - Islamorada Florida

#1 Islamorada, Florida

When visiting Islamorada during Winter time expect to find several bonefish species to fish from. These top saltwater fighters are perfect for fly. As you transition your tackle box from fresh to saltwater, make sure to stock up on several crustacean patterns!

#2 Forks, Washington

Wild Steelhead runs abundantly through Washington's Olympic Peninsula water! Peak season to fly fish these waters begins at the end of January and runs until the first few weeks of April. When targeting steelhead the usage of spey flies as well as intruder-style flies are highly recommended.

#3 Sebring, Florida

Lake Glenada and Lake Istokpoga are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the city of Sebring. Each lake is populated with plenty of respectably sized largemouth bass for excellent fly fishing. Check out the weather patterns for the month before heading out to pick a weekend with consistent weather. Donít forget to pack your Woolly Buggers!

#4 San Francisco, California

Whistler Fly Pattern

During the winter months in San Francisco, California the rivers are flooded with largemouth bass as well as Delta Striped bass. To locate these rivers accurately, you may want to think about hiring a fly fishing guide to maximize your trips potential. Whistler and Clouser fly patterns are ideal for usage on the California Delta.

#5 Austin, Texas

The Llano River and the Guadalupe River are two of the best winter fly fishing destinations in the United States. However, these rivers are open year round for anglers to visit because of the seventy degree underwater springs water sources. Bass and Rainbow trout can be caught daily at these locations from summer to winter annually.

#6 Telluride, Colorado

Take a day away from the Colorado slopes to experience a fun filled day full of fly fishing on the Lower Gunnison River. Aim to take your trip during the months of February and March because the waters begin to warm at this time. Insect activity tends to increase as well during these two months which brings endless fly fishing opportunities.

Winter Fly Fishing Colorado

#7 Bozeman, Montana

The year-round fishery known as Madison River offers countless Rainbow trout and Brown trout fly fishing opportunities. It is recommended to begin fishing near Bozeman, at the lower end of the river. Keep in mind that the warmer the water - the more trout activity! Thus, it is best to head out during the warmest hours of each day.

#8 Oregon Coast, Oregon

This is one of the best areas for fishing steelhead in winter. The state boasts a number of coastal rivers that offer fantastic fishing too. The Lower Rogue River is known for its superb coastal steelhead fishery. During December and January the river brims with tons of fish, so a great catch is guaranteed. Other good places to fish for steelhead are the Alsea, the Chetco, the Umpqua, and Siletz Rivers.

#9 Michigan

The tributaries of the Great Lakes offer some of the best steelhead fishing in winter. Many anglers consider Michigan the premier steelhead fishing destination as even in winter, the fish strike and leap. The Muskegon, Manistee, and Pere Marquette rivers are the most popular fishing spots, and there are many good fisheries across Michigan as well.