Best Fishing Spots in the World (Inshore and Offshore Destinations)

  • Jun 8, 2020

We’ve compiled our favorite list of best fishing spots in the world. Next time you’re feeling adventurous, consider these for your next fishing trip.

Most of us like to fish in our own backyards but one can also plan to travel to fish and it can often be around some specific goal or interest.

Locating one of these fishing destinations doesn’t require flying to the far side of the planet. These 11 destinations here or in north-central America are oriented around a particular goal. There are 11 because they required one goal, have both inshore and offshore destinations.

Bluefin Tuna Prince Edward Island Canada

Prince Edward Island/Nova Scotia, Canada

1496: that is the weight of the all-tackle world-record bluefin tuna caught here in 1979.

There are many more out there weighing more than 1,000 pounds that have been taken over the years and the odds for a bluefin that size are higher than the Canadian Maritimes anywhere else in the world, as your chances for the standup bottle of a lifetime. Fishing is a very near port/land and is often less than a mile run. Most boats are equipped with fighting chairs but if you’re a standup kind of guy, bring it on.

You’ll fish live, chunked, or whole fish for bait and often on kites. By law, this is a catch and release fishery, but both are currently allowed to keep one or two fish per season. Regulations for this controlled fishery are subject to change.

When: August through mid-October


It is simply hard to find a spot anywhere with greater numbers of willing bonefish, permit, and tarpon. The odds of releasing at least one of each a day a remarkably high. The chances for trophy size fish, especially bones are better elsewhere. But for numbers, Belize is a great bet.

The country zealously guards his extensive flats, which remain pristine. The only country in Central America where English is the primary language, Belize is just two or three hours from most southern U.S. cities. Many resorts and lodges cater to anglers.

When: year-round

Blue Marlin Malindi Kenya

Malindi, Kenya

The waters off Malindi on Kenya’s Central Coast offer one of the few places on earth where anglers can realistically hope to accomplish a billfish royal slam. Possibly even a fantasy slam, which requires five different species of billfish and a day and they are all here. In fact, some anger off Kenya might go beyond a fantasy slam to catch the ultimate six species in one day: blue marlin, striped marlin, black marlin, sailfish, swordfish, and shortbill spearfish. There are many competent experienced crews for offshore charters.

When: billfish feed in these waters all year but January through February offers the best shot.

Key West, Florida

Only anglers who have never visited Key West should need to ask. Key West serves as a gateway to the Dry Tortugas and sits in the middle of world-class fishing grounds, where blue water, reef and sand flats all beckon enthusiasts.

Few communities on the planet are more oriented to anglers with a tremendous array of first-rate inshore guides and offshore charters. Key West also offers an endless variety of seafood eateries and a great range of accommodations with bars of every kind. Make sure you enjoy a party night on the famous Duvall Street.

When: year-round but winners are rough.

Roosterfish Panama


These are amazingly productive offshore seamounts and rugged coastline loaded with Rocky headlands and nearshore reefs. Schools of tuna patrol seamounts such as Zane Gray Bank and Hannibal Bank where they can be seen frothing the surface while crashing bait often mixed with schools of dolphin. Mahi and wahoo will nail poppers, especially around floating logs. Topwater predators that lurk closer to shore include cubera snapper, bluefin trevally, roosterfish, large sierra, and other game fish. It is only a two and half hour flight from Miami and is very tourist-friendly.

When: year-round the coast can be wet during the fall rainy season.

Louisiana/Mississippi Marshes

Endless shallow water habitat makes up the vast coastal marshes that stretch from Western Mississippi into Louisiana. This is just the sort of habitat that red drum love. In other words, these marshes offer a huge population of one of the world’s superb game fish for fly rodders.

There are other various species on hand such as sea trout and black drum, but with aggressive, hard-fighting reds often in the 15 to 35-pound range, they remain the top target. There is nothing difficult about getting here, as it’s only an hour or two from New Orleans.

Any place named “sportsman’s paradise” should absolutely be on everyone’s shortlist of best fishing spots in the world.

When: the Fishing is available all year

Wahoo Bermuda


Any of the lists of world’s top fishing spots for big blue marlin have to include Bermuda. No country has one the one day, global World Cup Blue Marlin Championship as often as Bermuda. They won it eight times in 27 years including the two largest fish ever caught in the event, 1195 and 1189 pounds. Beyond blues are white marlin, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna. The quick trip from the U.S. is only two or three hours from the East Coast.

When: peak time for the big girls is June through August.

Montauk, New York

While the season for this fishery is short, when it’s on, it’s on. The famous bass blitzes in the long title rip near shore, as stripers gorge on the huge schools of bay anchovies. In a few places do bass boil as they do off Montauk. Hundreds of predators are packed so densely that it’s not uncommon for them to be bumping boat hulls. Add big bluefish, false albacore, fluke, and weakfish and it’s a frenzy of targets for light tackle and fly enthusiasts. Small metal jigs and various plugs will all get nailed off Montauk.

When: September and October

Tarpon Bahamas

The Bahamas

No country close to the U.S. has a great area of Flats or bonefish as large as the Bahamas. The shallows around Andros and Abaca and Long islands hold great numbers of fish. Besides bones and permit, even tarpon might get in the act. Not only are the Bahamas close by but also English is the primary language. There is an array of fishing guides and resorts that cater to anglers.

When: any time can be productive

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

In many regions fishing serious blue water means a run of 10 or 20 or even 40 miles before the lines go in. On a rough day, you pay your dues. But just a couple of miles is all you need to start targeting open ocean out of Cabo San Lucas. Bragging size marlin, dorado, sails, and wahoo have been taken as a short distance from shore where the Pacific Ocean waters mix with the lower Sea of Cortez. Some of the prime banks are the Golden Gate and Gordo.

When: fishable year-round

Graham/Langara Islands

Steep, stunning, and craggy slopes overlook the most productive fishing grounds in the North Pacific. Sportfishing pressure around most of Queen Charlotte is strictly fly in. During most of the season, the waters around these islands teem with schools of salmon. It’s a great place to nail a trophy 50+ pound chinook as well as smaller coho and Pacific halibut of large proportions. Have that flying harpoon ready. With an easy morning flight from Vancouver, you can be there by the afternoon.

When: This is a very seasonal fishery, generally beginning no earlier than mid-to-late May and running through early September.

Best Fishing Spots in the World Conclusion

In summary, if you’re looking for the world’s top fishing spots to put on your bucket list, start here. We’d love to hear about other fishing destinations you would consider for our best fishing spots in the world list.

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